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Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen,


As you may be aware from other posts on this forum, I am a resident of Calgary and my home was not affected by the floods. I was out of town for the better part of the state of emergency but my wife and kids were and I'm sure you can all imagine how that felt. I am writing this because my wife and I are so grateful that we were untouched and we would like to help in some way. While reading the paper online we found a article that upset us a bit and since we have this wonderful resource we need your help. Below is a link to an article in the Calgary Herald that tells a few stories regarding the floods and one in particular struck home more than the others.


The story of Scott Rancourt and his late wife Amber in Longview is terribly sad and tragic and I am hoping that someone could tell me if they know the name of the operator that helped Scott find his wife. Please PM me if you have any information. I feel that no man should have to pay for the helicopter that helped him find his wife and I would like to help with that bill. I don't have the means to pay for the whole thing and I would invite anyone who is interested in helping Scott to contact me. I know this is a long shot but with such a tragic loss this poor man should be thinking of his family not a large bill from a helicopter company.


Thanks for any help you are able to render.






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