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Homebuilt Helicopter


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Was reading Helicopters today and liked the article with a good outlook for new pilots. One comment however got me thinking. It was stated that novice heli pilots could build hours in a amature-built helicopter. What are your thoughts on this?

To me the words "amature-built" and "helicopter" do not mix well. And if one wishes to be a commercial pilot, what would an employer think of a resume with 1000 hours PIC of a Mini 500 or an Exec? If one were to buy a helicopter, wouldn't it be better to save for a real machine like a used R22 or a 300?

Anyone out there ever use these little home-builts to build hours? :huh:

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I did some searching in my area last year, trying to find a machine I could lease or rent for a few months either by the hour or otherwise, and I came up empty. It's a real drag that you can't join a flying club like the fix wingers do.


Does anyone have any other options for time building ?

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Apparently there is a helicopter pilots club in Ontario somewhere. You fork out some $$ for a membership and get a certain amount of flying for it. No clue if this is for real or not, but remember seeing ad for it in Helicopters. Everyone else who doesn't have parents worth $10 million are s.o.l.

And yes, my lil buddy the R-22 does have a rep as a widow maker, but that's mostly due to pilot error. They are pretty twitchy buggers as we all know. The Mini 500 is also a widow maker, but only because it falls apart after leaving contact with Earth.


I'm trying to find the video of the Mini with the turbine in it....unreal! Wonder how far past the airport it could go before running out of fuel?



Found it....HERE


And maybe I'm missing something, but isn't it a very very bad thing to start with your blades tied down? Maybe not in a Mini...

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:) Hey there Ryan....The writer of that article is a bit of a homebuilt fanatic (K.A.) .Some of his past articles have managed to rub some of us the wrong way (anyone remember "Mr." Longline?), and sometimes his approach is a bit off base in the way of solutions. As homebuilt helicopters are more of a novelty, very few are available here in Canada. I'm sure a better solution to building air time can be sought.....Will have to think about that one........anyone got ideas? :huh:
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As far as homebuilts go, I saw the Rotorway Exec 162F up close at HAI and was impressed by the quality, compared to some older Rotorway models and the Mini 500. But at 65 K USD, I can find far better ways to spend my money.


I don't think I could ever trust a homebuilt unless I built it myself...

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