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Bowling Ball

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Can anyone help solve the mystery of who exactly placed the bowling ball up on top of John's Peak (7400ft) Between the Eskay mine and the Brucejack program?

I've heard several rumors about how it got there. I'm thinking of adding some bowling pins!!


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Ian Moore was working at Eskay years back and had that floating around his office. He decided that they should do something special with it so that future species would know that there was intelligent life on this planet.

It was put up there with Northern Mountain 500 but he doesn't remeber who the driver was. He figures it was around 1991 sometime so it's been there a while.

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Thats not true. I do beleave the ball is purple and the driller who purchased it bought it for his girl Friend. As it goes with drillers and Aviation personal he went home to find the lady in question was tired of him being in camp and found a new Gentleman. So to stop the over drinking and remove the reminder of the broken heart it was decided thet ball had to go. I do not remeber who the pilot was that took the ball up there but it was done with a NMH 500 D. Cheers It may have Been Derik Cook who flew it up there Maybe

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