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Shootout At The Ok Fortune Mine

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What in the ****???

From the comment section:

"By Lakelse Air Management

Today · I would like to set the record straight. There was no gunfight on the Klappan site and there was no pilot that got duct taped?
Obviously someone gave some misleading information and instead of the daily verifying the facts about the incident they have gone on to provide misinformation to the public.
This is a very sad situation and it is only made worse by misleading news reports such as this.
The RCMP will be providing a press release this afternoon."

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This is just what one would expect from any incident arising in Canada these days that has any proximity to a sensitive indigenous land area or heritage site, or industrial partnership, or any of a million other sensitive wordings for BULL$HIT.


When roads or highways are blocked with arms, or the laws of forestry, or fishing or logging, or any other environmentally sensitive areas of industry are broken by any number of indigenous individuals, the paper doesn't report the incident in such a flippant and irresponsible manner.


Right. Anyway, after looking at the source, it's not really a news provider. A group of kids after school could do as unbiased a job of reporting.


We all like the stories of the wild west, but those days are over.


Hopefully the modern spirits of progress and litigation will write a strongly worded letter to the ancient Spirits of the Tahltan and Gitxsan.


It's not hard to believe that some person in isolation after some catalyst in their lives and perhaps, as is 'correctly reported' in the Province, a severe emotional breakdown, that something like this could happen.

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As i'm sure that most people in the Canadian helicopter industry have heard, a pilot had a severe emotional breakdown in a camp in Northern BC. The pilot worked for Lakelse Air and is a good friend of mine. He is a high time pilot and very talented on a longline.
Before everyone starts judging and contributing to the rumor mill...think about one thing...this could have been a member of your family or good friend.An aircraft was damaged and the pilot is now getting the medical attention he needs.
At the end of the day no one was hurt and machines can be repaired.
You just never know what you are going to wake up to and the mind is a mysterious thing!




James Carr

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