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Away From Base Accomodation

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"suitable accommodation" - means a single-occupancy bedroom that is subject to a minimal level of noise, is well ventilated and has facilities to control the levels of temperature and light or, where such a bedroom is not available, an accommodation that is suitable for the site and season, is subject to a minimal level of noise and provides adequate comfort and protection from the elements...


The second part, probably included in the regulation with the best of intentions, is what gets abused most days. Don't see that changing anytime soon I'm afraid.

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When someone tries to use the "notwithstanding" clause on me, I always point out that they cannot deem accommodations as being "unavailable" on an economic basis. For example forestry, when they decide they won't pay more than $xx.xx, and there are plenty of accommodations available just a little higher than their allocated amount... <_<


Last year on a campaign fire, the forestry logistics knob tried to put all pilots in double accommodations, on the grounds that no more rooms were available in town. After we (the pilots) pointed out the fact that every single firefighter, clerk, student and whatnot on forestry payroll had single rooms, and also pointing out that no helicopters would be available for them the next day if they didn't take remedial action, they rearranged room attributions. ^_^


It pi$$es me off that every year, with every agency, we have to go through the same bs. I have no problem sharing a room/tent/trailer if the situation warrants it, but when it's done just to save a few bucks, it annoys the **** out of me.


There are also operators out there who expect you to share rooms in their crew accommodations, which I find quite ordinary... :mellow:

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Now this is a topic worth discussing. All this business of Flight and Duty time is important, but this issue is probably just as important.

It never ceases to amaze me how the helicopter companies and clients can't seem to figure out how substandard accommodation affects the aircrews. If the food and accommodation is good, aircrew are far more likely to want to stay out and work longer shifts.

TC needs to be more specific on the standard and aircrew need to stick to it. It seems some pilots will sleep in a tree if their is a type rating, experience or enough money involved. It is short sited. It is one of the many ways we keep shooting ourselves in the foot.

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