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Couple Of Questions From The New Guy

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I'm 18, saving up for my school now and my advice?

Don't plan on coming out debt free, its not likly to happen and isn't always the smartest thing to do. Things like investing in RRSP's and taking out student loans can save you piles and piles of money in the long run once your out of school, plus it builds credit and can anyways be used as reserve funds if you really need it. Don't forget a lot of things like studen Lines of Credit offer very low rates, and since its a Line of credit you can have 10 years to pay it off if you need to with no set payment amount other then the intrest (keeping the LoC at its principle amount).

Anywho, I figure plan for worse then you expect. its likly to happen. I plan to be in school in about a year or two ;).

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ahh heres one for you all, If one were to get endorsed on say the 206b, would you be endorsed on the "L" aswell? or say if you get endorsed on the as350b1 are you for the b2, and ba? :huh:


and an obvious one here, are you more likely to get hired if you did all your training on a jetbox than a piston powered?I ask because my friend was at a ceminar at the airport the other day and an instructor from canadian here in Penticton told him that it was the best way to go, to exspensive he quoted $120000

:rant: aperently he got three stupid people to put there downstroak already, stupid peope its only an hour drive for 1 3rd the price :down:



Thanks again, Cole

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Yes, 206 endorsement covers 206B & 206L machines, but not 407. An Astar endorsement covers all 350s, but not the 355 (Twinstar).


As for hiring, you should do your training on the type of machine that has the best instructor in it. If you have what a CP is looking for (good attitude and smooth power management), he will train you on a different type in a few hours. You will be getting some company training anyway, so it won't cost him much.


Some people have lots of money to spend, and maybe they can afford to buy their own helicopter too.

If money is no object, I can't think of a better school than the one in Penticton.

If money is a factor, you wouldn't even consider Penticton.

Don't knock them, wouldn't you train there if you had lots of cash ??


Why would people in Penticton with lots of cash be wanting a pilot's licence..........HMMMMMM ???

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hahahaha, well put, but not that the slander on the penticton thing was very cool


just because im from penticton doesnt mean that im going to keep my heli on a reserve and leave it unmarked :P true about the best school thing, and bang on about the money thing, the thought just pased through my mind because someone mentioned it, I think that I am going to go with okmh in kelowna, I have heard nothing but good things about the robbie, the CFI, John and as an added bonus its only an hour commute and my parents will be thrilled that I get to stay at home :lol: also I know Mark's brother and he had yet more good only things to say about John and his school. as another plus I have talked with numerous people that all seem to think that it is all instructor, followed by a list of instructors in no perticular order, everyone listed people from kelowna.


I do happen to agree with you duf, possibly a passion for flying, as for Over-Talk, well you don't happen to be to far from the truth :shock: seeming to be a lot of that activity around lately. well we all know they must be pretty rich, they ditched a 206 in the woods on a native reserve, the 47J was owned by a man from surrey who later stated that it was just to exspensive to park at the airport in vernon :D


Thanks for reading my long boring posts, Cole

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about 4 months ago, there was a shooting or three to be exact on the penticton native reserve... it was later found to be over drugs. a week later two natives reported seeing a helicopter and a man fleeing the sceen talked to them asking if they were his ride, the said umm no and the man continued to run away, the police helicopter was then called in it radioed about an hour later saying we are parked by the helicopter where are you. they said ten feet from the helicopter that was then follwed by a ... what kind is yours(heli crew), 206 says the ground, oh well we got a bit of a problem then(pilot), im sitting beside a 47J(pilot) and it was later deemed that the 206 had probably been involved in drug trade, and the owner of the 47J later released a statement through his lawyer saying the reason his heli was on the reserve was that it was to exspensive to keep it in vernon(about an hour flight away).... yea right, neither of these heli's had markings witch added to suspition


So goes the comment

Why would people in Penticton with lots of cash be wanting a pilot's licence..........HMMMMMM ???



Hope it Helps, Cole

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Oh. Just a drug deal. Well, that's a relief...let me tell ya! (Not that a drug deal's any good.)


14 hijackers moved about Florida State for months without detection before Sept. 11, some honing their flying skills at pilot schools, others joining gyms to bulk up and learn fighting tips, all of them plotting to the last detail a mass murder that would stand as one of history's most detestable acts. And they tossed down HUGE chunks of cash---money was no object---demanding training asap, yet it raised no suscipions. Kinda freaky how something like that could go unnoticed.


Anyhoo, OT's last comment just reminded me of a little residual fear that others were talking about not long ago. No biggie. Just wondering. Thanks, Cole.


BTW, thought of you today. Met Barney, an Air Cadet in 1949! He's got quite a story! But CM wasn't behaving today, so you have to ignore everything after Old Dog Flying's post > Why Flight?



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Yeah. I recall someone saying it was odd that none of the flight schools caught on to the fact these "students" only wanted to learn to take-off. They kept telling their instructors it wasn't important for them to learn to land... :down:

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