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Couple Of Questions From The New Guy

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I have heard nothing but good things about the robbie


Perhaps you should do some more research then?


There are good and bad things about all the basic trainers like the Robbie, the Schweizer, the Enstrom and the Bell 47.


However, Frank Robinson himself said that the R-22 was NOT designed as a training machine.


The 300C/CB/CBi are direct descendants of the US ARMY TH-55 and they were designed for NOTHING BUT training. Perhaps something to look into? :shock:

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I concurr with Winnie. I took a fam flight on both the R-22 and the 300CB before deciding to do my training on the HU30.


The R-22 is a fun machine to fly, but the inherent risks with this machine are higher than any other trainer. If you get a chance to see the Robinson safety course video, hosted by Frank himself, you'll understand better.


Some people say learning in the Robbie makes you a safer pilot because you're always dealing with smaller margins for error. Personally I think it just makes you less likely to live through your flight training !


Don't get me wrong, I don't think people who've trained on the R-22 are any less able pilots. They just take greater risks getting there...

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True that was pointed out to me befor, what i meant to say was that all things considered, the r-22 was the best for me... also the article says



First and foremost, if you are a beginning student pilot, do not venture way out of your way to fly one helicopter if there is a good school close to you offering the other. Evaluate your school based primarily on their program, safety and performance record, instructors, professionalism, cost, financing, your goals, and their references rather than if they use the CBi or R22 exclusively. Barring that, if you must choose, go take a ride in each one and see what feels right for you. Just know that you can learn to be a good helicopter pilot in either aircraft, and both will prepare you nicely for what's to come.


also, it will save me about 7500$ to go with the r-22 :up: B) remembering and the school seems to offer a very good program


It has also been made clear to me that there is a considderation for the robbies safety record, now overall the r-22 has waaaaaaaaaaaaaay more accidents but when you considder that there is many many more r-22's than 300's and mabey do some math, its not really as bad as it looks on paper


Thanks again, Cole

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Holy **** boy, what are you parent feeding you? ;)

For what it worth I did my training in a R-22. I'm a wee bit over 6'2" and barley fit in it with a helmet on. Don't get too much taller if you want the R-22. Then again I know a guy who's training right now and he shoe-horns his 6'4" frame in there somehow. Probably gonna put his chiropractor's kids thru college though. ;)

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