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Couple Of Questions From The New Guy

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lets hope my instructor doesnt pack on the pounds :shock: lol


I think I have decided that I will go with the flight school in kelowna, is there any advice you would offer(try and get a job sweaping up hangars has been mentioned) :P to kind of get ready for training, PS i hold a student pilot(fw) and will hold a ppl(fw) befor i attend


Every little bit helps, Cole

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Hey, Ive heard from Canadian Helicopters too, but how much does the whole training costs? I mean, for a commercial pilot licence.


Because I'm from the Netherlands, I have too stay in Canada, so if I can save money, I want to do that.


(sorry for the bad english)


I've also a topic " Questions About Canadian Helicopter Training ".


I hope you can help me with that. :up:

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Winnie, while your statement that "The 300C/CB/CBi are direct descendants of the US ARMY TH-55 and they were designed for NOTHING BUT training" is accurate in itself, it is at least somewhat misleading.


The TH55 was the Army's derivation of the Hughes 269 which, while it could have been envisioned as a possible trainer by Howard Hughes, certainly wasn't a great one, at least in its initial form. I did an evaluation of the TH55 for the Canadian Forces (as a potential primary trainer) in the late '60's and it failed to make the grade, despite many fine attributes. The (at that time) quite poor tail rotor authority and the excessive descent speed in autorotation were assessed as considerable drawbacks for the primary training role. Those features were judged to present the average student with more difficulties than he needed to handle at the 'fledgling' state of development.


Much like the Army's initial 'LOH' purchase of the 'Cayuse,' the TH55's acquisition as their primary trainer was probably more a function of cost than any great training fcapabilities of the machine as compared to others available at the time. B)

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a little update about how my private is going, just got a new headset (Peltor7005), normally 300$ picked it up from a family friend for a nice discount, it hasnt actually ever been off the ground only taxied around with. Im almost done my groundschool and getting into more flying





Cole B)

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that's cool!


Which school do you train???


Does someone know a pilot who comes from the Nethertlands or in the neigbour of Hamiota, MANITOBA ???


It may help me a lot is I know some people there, because I'm going to Hamiota next year!! (international student)



Jurjen B)

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