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With the social media available at our fingertips these days, I really think that any negative publicity wether on a forum, newspaper or t.v. should be a major concern for negative impact on any company


. Um.....get that one Heli Zero ???!?!??


It will be a very interesting outcome with what has been posted, what Vertical will be pressed into as far as editing and or censoring ?


Being held accountable for bad business or substandard workmanship should be public information for all.

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Be a man! do the right thing!


Unfortunately from my time around this industry "do the right thing" is generally accepted as "everyman for himself"




Very true... So it's now time to stand together and support a small operator against corporate greed. I work for a big corp but it's composed of individuals that consider emotional, familial and societal impact... I do not believe the same can be said of Heli Zero and their trained orangutan, Blow Fan Gleeson... Instead of being cynical Ken, let's all tell Heli Zero to eff off together.... Then maybe you'll be impressed at what solidarity can do... Lech Walesa and his friends brought down the freaking USSR! An electrician and a bunch of shipwrights! God I wish I could have been at the Wall for Pink Floyd's concert there.... But I digress!


Eff you Heli Zero! and Eff you Blow Fan!



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As a Canadian Operator, using those brands, I am not impressed...that makes me worried if/when something happens to my fleet, will I be treated the same way as Skully...

Those "suppliers" better step in and settle this "quickly"...

Be a man! do the right thing!

Their Canadian salesman called me sometime after this all went down, I explained that until they settle they will not see any of our business,,,"ok, sorry about that". Yep eff you heli zero, eff you blow fan Gleeson.

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With a situation like that every day feels like Groundhog Day, an never ending comedy of errors.

We sent an engine in for a quote on a scheduled repair, after 4 months we repowered with a lycoming

We got the quote back after 9 months and promptly sold it.

We love the lycoming and have had great luck with it

Not sure if its an option for you but if you can afford it its worth every penny

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In a service letter released in June of this year, Turbomeca will stop supporting the Artouste series of engine at the end of 2014, leaving the repair, o/h and parts distribution to it's service centres. I can only see your problems getting worse from here on in.


As far as the Arriel series goes, their factory support is getting better everyday and with TBO increases and reduced costs, they are easily competing with the LTS series which I have found to have poor factory support and less than stellar performance compared to what they publish. Remember when comparing a new or o/h'd arriel to an LTS to use the data from a "platinum" version of the LTS, not a half life, mish mash, "bronze".

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In our experience we have had very good service from the factory for the lycoming and performance was as stated when sold.

I apologize I missed the artoust part of the original post Good luck it sounds like the roads about to get rough!


There are exceptions to the rule but its getting harder to find an MRO for any type of AC, engine or component that has a sense of urgency now adays when you are broke down.

Owning a spare part or spare AC these days seems to be worth it's weight in gold


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