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Carry-On Baggage Requirements

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What about all the flight training facilities and instructors who are teaching young enthusiastic pilots to become pilots our industry (and teaching them to ballast 206's with cargo if they don't meet minimum front seat weight limit). Do they feel they are teaching non-compliance to their students?


While i was taught to use the survival kit in the front seat (secured with seat belt) at Can adore College; my understanding is that more recently they have been using an unsecured barbell weight on the floor in the front passenger section. Or at least that's what a pilot who trained there recently advised me.


These poor souls have no idea what they are getting themselves into.

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Under CARs 602.86, Can a passenger carry a purse on their lap in a 702/703 helicopter flight in Canada?   Carry-on Baggage, Equipment and Cargo   602.86 (1) No person shall operate an aircraft wit

I would say they have been enforcing it at 705 level (for passenger compartment anyway). The thing is, there is actually a Carry-on Baggage regulation in the 705 CARs. No such regulation exists in 702

I also cc'd your friend Richard Pierce on many of my recent requests for clarification...I know what really goes on in our industry...this is an issue we are discussing with our legal council.

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Maybe someone should point out to the smaller students that there is no legal method for them to meet the Front Seat Minimum weight limit of many aircraft ( unless they gain weight) before they spend 60000.00 to 100000.00 trying to get their licences...funny how it always comes back to $$$$.


Is that why TC has ignored what they refer to as widespread non-compliance for so long?

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I’d also like to point out that CARs 602.86 (1) does not say AND between a) and B)… (or AND/OR as stated in MR. Lemieux's response to question 3b). It says OR.


That means either one or the other is required (to be compliant.). Not both a) and B). Adding that little 3 letter word makes a world of difference. This is not the first time that Mr. Lemieux and the Cabin Safety Inspectors have both inferred that both must be true according to the regulation.


602.86 (1) No person shall operate an aircraft with carry-on baggage, equipment or cargo on board, unless the carry-on baggage, equipment and cargo are


(a) stowed in a bin, compartment, rack or other location that is certified in accordance with the aircraft type certificate in respect of the stowage of carry-on baggage, equipment or cargo; or


(B) restrained so as to prevent them from shifting during movement of the aircraft on the surface and

during take-off, landing and in-flight turbulence.



The Bell 206 Type Certificate (attached) Page 8 states:


Data Pertinent to all Models


Maximum Cargo See Rotorcraft Flight Manual for loading schedule.


The Bell 206B Jetranger II Flight Manual Section 4 Weight and Balance Data P. 4-1 (attatched) states:




The passenger compartment contains 40 cubic feet of space and the cargo loading limit is 75 pounds per square foot, and 86 pounds per square foot when cargo service platform is installed.


It seems to me that the entire cockpit and cabin are considered a “location that is certified in accordance with the aircraft type certificate in respect of the stowage of cargo” (as discussed in 602.86 (1) a)).


Doesn’t this mean that in the Bell 206 we are not required to meet the restraint requirement in B)? We meet the requirement in a)).


Most pilots do take measures to restrain items that may shift (by using seatbelts and other means ), but not all items are at risk of shifting depending on their size and shape and how and where they are packed.


Bell 206 Type Cert..pdf


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Isn't there a rule about 4 posts in a row by the same person?

Well...is there or isn't there? You wouldn't be trying to enforce unwritten rules on me would ya? I know a great organization for you to take a semi-retirement job if you are. you'd fit right in! LOL


I am not a expert on the forum rules. But I do know that if you want to hand out speeding tickets, you need to post the speed limit first...

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