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Carry-On Baggage Requirements

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Under CARs 602.86, Can a passenger carry a purse on their lap in a 702/703 helicopter flight in Canada?   Carry-on Baggage, Equipment and Cargo   602.86 (1) No person shall operate an aircraft wit

I would say they have been enforcing it at 705 level (for passenger compartment anyway). The thing is, there is actually a Carry-on Baggage regulation in the 705 CARs. No such regulation exists in 702

I also cc'd your friend Richard Pierce on many of my recent requests for clarification...I know what really goes on in our industry...this is an issue we are discussing with our legal council.

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You're bang on jim. Lately it seems to more and more about beliefs; what's amazing is how far off their beliefs are from reality most of the time...

As far as operating differently in different parts of the country, somebody should point out that year in year out there is a long term OMNR medium helicopter parked in my backyard at rock bottom prices (always from out of province). I wonder how much this disparity from one region to the next has to do with their ability to operate at such low rates....

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In a recent PVI I was told that according to this strictest interpretation of CARS passenger headsets and a pilots maps fall into the same category as the purse. This is an inspector who has firm beliefs on properly secured loads in the cabin. They were giving me the distinct impression though that they thought this level of enforcement was a bit much. Apparently the Eurocopter supplied map pockets are not secure enough and even a passenger wearing the headset is against the rules never mind hanging from the hooks. It does come down to the whole "belief" thing and the indiviual who is ramping you. I desperately hope that the number of practical inspectors out there are in the majority.



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