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Ifr Rating For International Work

Guest plumber

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That depends. FAA or JAR work just about everywhere. CHC works all over the world and for them you need Canadian. Some countries such as Qatar and UAE will convert to their own license in which case it doesn't,t matter.


If you are tired of crappy working conditions and crap pay, IFR and/or international are the way to go.

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There are a few companies internationally that will accept the CPL and an IR. Unfortunately the ATPL is what most operators want. Good luck getting a Canadian ATPL if you don't work for a Canadian operator... Simply not accessible. If you don't believe me try calling around CAE, Flight Safety ( for cat D sim mulit crew ride on an accepted bird 76,212,412) or the various Multi operators... Designated TC inspectors although authorized by the public service are only accessible to in company personnel and you cannot use their services because CHC or who have you, pay them. The ride must be done by an TC ACP.


International is the way to go if you want a good rotation, loss of license insurance, good health care for your family, life insurance etc.


Only the Fix wing guys can convert directly to the CND ATPL for the US - not rotary.


A current CND IFR and 100 hrs of night is required for the US ATP.



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