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407 Rh "bubble Window" Useless?

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My employer asked me if i wanted a bubble window and i said "save your money". I will either take the door off regardless of the temp or precipitation if it's a short haul and/or a few picks or keep it on if it's a longer haul.

I have all but given up on longlining windows in light and intermediate Bell helicopters, i just prop the door open with my helmet covered spud when i do a pick or a drop. Saves all that clunking around in there and trying to pull my head out to look back to see the panel once i have twisted myself into a pretzel for vertical ref. Not to mention the fogging up issue and how it's not certified once you cut a hole in the bottom so you can actually see out of it. Maybe a collection of small fans and bleed air to de-mist the bubble?... :rolleyes:

What really needs to be designed is not another bubble window but a NEW longlining door with a well vented window or a hole in the bottom. Never mind 3.5 or so inches of wasted space in the form of an opaque door/window frame that goes all the way around where a clear bubble could be expanded thus making it so much bigger.. And let's not stop there as long as we are fantasizing, how about a seat to match? Hmmmm.... when pigs fly me thinks. :huh:

Yes sometimes it bites to be bigger/taller.



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Has anyone tried longlining with the high vis door...we are getting them on all the doors and rear windows...not sure if they bulge out far enough for a gentex helmet?Seems to be lots of extra room.

I flew one with the high vis doors. Its not quite deep enough to see down to a load, even if you only had a headset on.

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Thanks vortex for that info...we do not do a lot of longlining here...I usually take the door off...should work great for our spray ops as we land on top off a large truck and it is nice to see exactly were your skids are...I use to take the door off and late in the season it gets pretty cold with the door off...these high vis doors will work great for us...thanks again...

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Hi JetA1Burner,

me too actually, but with temperatures turning below zero, I feel somehow unconfortable while resting for many hours while logging :wacko:

I'm now looking for artica overall, and maxillo face shield for my Alpha Helmet, it is cheaper than afford the cost of an EASA certification for the VIH bubble! <_<


Keep safe, so long!

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