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Hac Convention 2013


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Hey all,


I was looking at going across to the HAC convention in Vancouver in a week. I'm a pilot/AME looking to network/check out some new technology, but am trying to get my head around pricing. Am I reading it right that as a non-member it will cost me $675 (late price, the early bird price for a member is $425 + $280 membership) to attend the convention?


I take it that HAC isn't targeting the same audience as HAI, which is $420 for the 3 days, and if you're a member, which is $80/year and you get in early, it's $160 for the 3 days.


What am I missing here?

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save your time and money....go to the hai...my 2 cents...hac ....nah....I have been to the hai a lot and never paid once to get in...its all in who you know...however if you want to blow cash...go for it...I would ask someone who has gone before .I personally wouldn't pay to go to an HAC.

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