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This is a very delicate question to ask on an open forum!!

I ve worked for them in the past and like any company some good and some bad

I will venture to say they have excellent equipment....you never have to worry about getting paid...if the OWNER gives u his word on something then its as good as a written agreement

If ur a hard worker I,d say their generally good to work for but if ur more take than give and are a whiner then stay away as they have too many of those now!!


Good Luck

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Generally a good company to work for, pay is always on time, and as was said, equipment is top notch! Training is good to.


Been here for 3 years now, and have no regrets. As with any company you will find nay-sayers etc, and the moods sometimes reflect that, but all in all a great crowd.




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I have been burned in the past SEVERLY so this is important to me.


I was inundated with "you work for THEM?`` when I first started, and thought I`d made a huge mistake, but all in all ups/downs, I dare say the brunt is positive.


With the abundance of equipment, and back-up I dare say anyone would do good there.


My experience anyway!

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I'm not trying to be a naysayer, but I know many, many flight crews that did not have a very positive experience there...many I work with on a regular on a basis sharing much time together in the cockpit, so the stories filter out over time.

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Well, I think there are a lot of people who jump from one to the next and they always find something to complain about.


HTS has cleaned up their act a lot, and have invested in a new crew-house in La Ronge for instance, so they are listening.


I was met with open arms, and have moved up a fair bit from where I was, I know of others too who have gained a lot, I also know of others who left very bitter, but in some cases I personally believe it has a lot to do with attitude.


A lot of it will have to do with how much you put into it, and what you can negotiate for yourself.




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