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Been there done that as a skier, pilot and all I can say is that its not always the other skiers or yourself you have to worry about….low time pilots and or others with no mountain experience !

This was in Pemby a few years back with an Interior Helicopters Company (I won't mention the name, haha nudge nudge wink wink) and as we ascended into fog a third way up Currie he turned into the slope and my pucker gauge went off to red line and I told him to stop, reduce power (He was pulling 96%) turn out but stay out of the soup, load up and return to base. I just didn't like the young dreadlocks dudes response when I called him an f_____n glue bag but he new I was pissed……mostly at myself for bringing two of my best friend ski bums and climbing into that machine. Its not just fly safe, its fly with safe operators. Keep the skids down girls !!

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