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300 Crash

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So H56, if you work for the Crane, why would you think I was referring to you?

Hmmm, maybe because your name is still very prominent on their website.

Hmmm, maybe because you usually lead the fight for facts and against speculation after an incident...unless it involves Brand X.


Simple?? Come on Bob, we've known each other for long enough...you can do better than that.


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I PM'd Helilog the details, and I see no reason why they can't be posted here as everyone will just speculate anyhow.


Sky's were clear - so that puts the awful weather fabrication to rest.


From what I understand they were returning from visiting the hotsprings, and the end result was due to glassy water.


Not the first time someone has put one in the drink due to glassy water, and it wont be the last. Accidents happen, just glad the outcome of this one was positive as these situations usually don't end that way.

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Flingwinger…Sky's were clear - so that puts the awful weather fabrication to rest????


1) My parents were at their cabin that day half way up the lake and commented on the poor weather….they can recognize poor weather when they see it. Them and the rest off the folks on the lake see it all the time!!!

2) Other friends who live on the lake said the same thing.

3) We had a one of our helicopters parked at the south end of the lake that day, manned by a 16,000hr low timer(sarcasm) because of poor weather. In fact I talked to him that day.

Weather fabrication?????? Sure….I suppose anything is possible and the weather could have cleared up at the north end.

​Just saying….Im not trying to throw stones!!! Glad everyone is O.K.!!!


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Land Where? .. I think you have the day mixed up. This happened late afternoon on Monday the 27th, and the weather in Pitt Meadows that afternoon was beautiful (im based in Pitt) The following couple days however were Awful. It didn't make the news until the next day, which is probably where the confusion was coming from.

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No-one at the controls!! Cool.


We've been having those sort of flights for years in Canada, and now other countries are copying us by building Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and drones....(though they seem to have demonstrated better control and a lower accident rate than us).

The good news is that having no-one at the controls means that some Aussie hasn't stolen your job, and as in this case, nobody gets hurt. Now if we can just get our helicopters to fly a little more reliably and then return when they need fuel, the pilot will already be there waiting at the pump....with his hose in his hand (pardon the pun).

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From what I remember we used to log only air time in Canada? Next country I went to "PNG" everybody logged flight time, on the ground out of the machine "engine running" a logging away! I did think it was a bit shamefull! Next country same thing! In an offshore role, and sometimes both pilots logged PIC flight time! Quite shamefull I thought especially when one guy would get out for a pee and be gone 20"! Now in AUS and logging flight time is the norm. Two pilot offshore heavy with 1.5 hr legs and logging 2.0 because of start up and shutdown. So think of it this way:

Pilot 3000hrs experience

- 25% (Ground running time ie: startup, shutdown

)= 2250 (and that's generous)

-co pilot time/NFP Time = 50% (quite likely)


- initial training, dual training, SIM time 100hr(initial)


If you are only logging AIR TIME you are cutting yourself short on the world stage! Other than Canada, logging of flight time seems to be the norm? The good old days of just logging what you put in the tech log are gone. The one advantage we have in Canada is that there still are jobs out there that we can do 1000hrs a year the old fashioned way logging air time! Good luck finding that in most other countries unless your chasing cows in outback AUS and logging only airtime which is actually only 50% what you really flew!

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