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College Of Professional Pilots Of Canada

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Our industry is full of loud-mouthed a$$holes with egos to match. No wide-scale organisation will ever be allowed to grow under these conditions. HEPAC failed because certain individuals felt either threatened or because it wasn't their idea it wasn't worth entertaining. The primary goals of HEPAC were to give a voice for pilots end engineers in Ottawa (ie counter-balance HAC), offer services like insurance and health-care benefits to pilots and engineers who couldn't get them from their employers (ie small operators), and develop a mentorship program for low-time pilots and apprentices.


The problem with this industry is everyone's looking out for their short-term personal interests with no interest whatsoever for the collective good or the future of the industry (speaking from pilot's and engineer's perspective). To those who say HAC does that job, have a look at their website and some of their publications. They're all about cutting costs and making sure (cheap) manpower is available to operators.


I applaud your efforts Fred, but you're wasting your time. Sorry.


Well, that was my rant for the day... :P

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Whoever has provoked men to rage against him has always gained a party in his favor, too.

Friedrich Nietzche


Well Fred, you can quote philosophers and poets 'til you're blue in the face, but all these guys were good at was talk, which you seem equally good at.


How many members does the CPPC have ?

How many of those are rotary wing pilots ?

When you consider that Helicopter pilots in Canada account for a relatively small percentage of commercial/airline pilots, and that the majority of us work in a very specific domain (day VFR) that has little if anything in common with our stiff-wing bretheren, what kind of voice would we have within that organisation ?

What concrete actions have they accomplished in their six years of existance ?

Have they established any kind of relationship with Transport Canada ?

From reading their website, it would seem their end-goal is to take over licencing from TC. Really ? So how's that coming along ?


Maybe I'm being cynical, but the whole thing looks like a big empty shell with very little to offer helicopter pilots...

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