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Are There Any Apprentices Here Who Are Getting Their Experience From The Military?


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I had always understood that only 6 months was required on C- registered aircraft.

True, as long as it is a civilian type aircraft like the Griffon and not the F-18. For me to do the bridging, I had to do the 6 months and 10% of the tasks on civy registered aircraft. Also, I wrote all the exams and did an "acceptable" training course.


bandoliers06, should be able to count time with the military on Griffons, Cormorant, Seakings, Hercules... I'm sure there are others, but confirming with TC would be wise.

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I don't believe aircraft type has anything to do with it. I spent most of my time in the Airforce on CF18's.


The requirement from TC was that you had to do 6 months of civil aviation work and a certain percentage of tasks (don't remember the percentage, it was a few years back, but i remember it was small), and have taken an approved basic training course. The ICS course actually works well for those who have a solid background and time in.


At any rate, that information is free and found in the CAR's in licensing and training.




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Great information guys, I'm still half-and-half between military and commercial. All I want to do is relocate and work rotary, so whatever gets me that will make me happier in the long run. I'm also looking for job security, I'm not the slacker type and I will work like a dog for a company for a good 2 years maybe even a lot longer if I like it there.


So my next question is am I gonna have to chase after work even when I'm in the military? This question was the tip of the iceberg for a while now, since I'm fully aware of how the commercial industry works as told from a nice friend from a heavy maintenance hangar.


Ugh and reading CARS blows sometimes, but from what I heard it's everywhere you look when you're an apprentice and can save your *** when you're getting burned, right?

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Check out the employment section of this forum. 2 people in the last two weeks posted looking for an AME. Drop off a resume and let them know you are willing to relocate and are a hard worker. You may need to drop more than one resume or call back numerous times to get your name stuck in their head. If all that fails, start by seeing who is around your local area and start making a few trips to visit people. It is spring and this is when hiring generally happens.

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Thanks for the encouragement PoV, I actually made a trip and visited all the amos in Kelowna last January. I didn't see anyone from my graduating class, but I did see one or two apprentices from the avionics program who have been working there since last season. I'm checking in with the places I applied twice a month, still the same answer every time so I'm trying to reformat my resume and cover letter to see if it changes anything.


I'm actually getting better advice from the forum than the garbage I was fed with from my school.

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