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It was that big one along the high street, where all the oilies stay at - more than once I've not eaten anything 'cos i didn't like the look of it!


Did anyone ever get the feeling that red earth kept moving? it never seemed to be in the same place - it felt a bit like Brigadoon sometimes.



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DGP ------but you never mentioned the horserflies, blacklies and msoquitos at Edra.....how come? :angry:


Albert ------the one I'm speaking about was on the left hand side coming in from the airport and was made-up of double-wide trailers. Quite large in area, painted blue/white, great rooms, great restaurant-like eating area and a serve-yourself line for the food......lots of choices and all really great. That info comes from about 3yrs ago and I never heard a complaint from anyone.


I particularly took note of the food and accomodation improvements from when I had been there before and that was in the late 60's/early 70's. At that time Red Earth was exactly like Nome, AK in the John Wayne movie "North To Alaska". Every truck with a gun rack holding 3 weapons and everybody with mud up to their knees and sidewalks were any board 6" wide. Runners were used only as bedroom slippers and "welcome to the Wild West baby". :lol:

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Red Earth hmm, the mud there can only be compared to the dust there, what a strange mixture it is, one hour your feet and bear paws are twice their size with mud the next hour there is a cloud of dust two hundred feet high. Weird, yuck.


I always did pretty well there as no one else would stay long so thus picked up some additional work. Had one customer charter me out of slave for the day and went home 30 days later, not bad for January.



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