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R44 Loss Of Engine Power


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When I saw the headline I was thinking, here we go again, someone gonna bash the 44... and guess what...



The blockage may have been there for some time, now that you were at altitude and heavy and demanding max flow, the injector could not keep up. You say it just came from overhaul so I can guess they did the bladder fuel tank upgrade which is a whole pile of new fuel system parts, which could be the culprit.

Please don't compare these a/c with a turbine workhorse as they were never intended to be used commercially or for any longevity.

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Just for the record I was not bagging the R44 and I was comparing to any of the 10 helicopter types I have flown, turbines included, although not my favourite helicopter the R44 is a great and competent machine when handled correctly, had I been In anything else ive flown ( except an r66 man do they want to stay in the air! ) in a comparable situation I honestly think I would have ruined the machine maybe worse.


The machine fueling system has since been pulled apart and a few separate pieces of thread tape have been found that could only have gotten there as part of the over haul, not very nice!!

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