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France / Eurocopter

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Oh this is getting good, spring has sprung and so has our cleverness or "on the ball-ness" (not to be confused with baldness!) Very well put Mr 407/usetobe AS Driver with regards to our topic straying habits! Ah hum, gotta to bring up the visual you provided us with that self portrait verbal description of yourself, and also of our infamous Mugseal! I can just see him now, like one of Santa''s elves, busy packing the merchandise to Suds!

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Speakin'' of not pretty. Where''s that old swamp rat Cap? This sounds like a darb of a topic for him. (If you have to ask what a darb is, go to the Newbie forum).



Good speak, 407! How anyone can defend the French position in, on and around Iraq is beyond me. (Loved ''Chiraq''!)

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