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42 Years Old, Second Career?

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Good replies here,especially Coastal and Skidmark.If you don't like being married and hanging with the kids and have money to burn go ahead but you will not be flying operationally for a long time and at 42 with a family you are less likely be on the hire list as someone unattached will be less likely to be looking to be replaced on a job after a 6 week tour in some dump.A lot of jobs are in tent camps .You won't be dragging the family along even if you think you could.My advice,go for a 30 day vacation to one of these towns that start with Fort or Lac or end with lake,drag the wife and kids along and see how they and you like it.Find a job or business that pays good and fly for fun on your free time and stay with the wife and kids.

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Well guy's,


Thanks for all of your responses and personal messages.


I was actually surprised by some of the responses, they negativity is brutal really.


I certainly will take it all under advisement, but I think its just inspired me to succeed even further.


For the guys who messaged me personally and for the positive post's, I want to say thank you.


I will keep you all posted.


BTW, what's the consensus on the best school to take my training with?


Thank again everyone.



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