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Heli Footage In California

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Just wondering if anybody seen this on T.V. this morning... I was out at the time and missed it, but apparently there was some sort of flood in California someplacea guy was rescued from his truck by a helicopter, the footage was on Canada AM, supposedly it was an awesome piece of footage...so I was told. The story I was told, was that the pilot was resting the skid on the side of the pick-up truck box while rescueing the people stranded. I tried to do a search earlier for this on the internet, but came up empty handed. If anyone knows of this footage on the net I would love to see it.



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I saw the clip. It was a GOOD piece of flying! Nothing spectacular though. The only tricky part would be the fast flowing water messing up your concentration. There are lots of guys (and girls) on this board do as much in far harder conditions on a fairly regular basis. Once again a real good job by the pilot and crewman, but the reaction of the news people was a little over the top from my point of view!

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It's been raining A LOT in California in the last week. Do you remember if the news was out of northern or southern California and if the event happened earlier this week vs live this morning? I tried looking for you, but had no luck. I'm thinking it wasn't live this morning, but perhaps a newsfeed from yesterday or the day before. Anyway...I'll post if I find anything.

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