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Averaged Mins

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averaged Mins should be outlawed from the helicopter industry. Any company putting that option into contract proposals shall be banned from bidding for 5 years.


Every customer has figured out how to play with the mins, How about OMNR, fly your bag off for 5 days then they sit you and fly in joe blow from 200 miles away to use up some of his mins. Oh but don't release you because your over you mins so they get to hold you for however many days it takes to average out your total hours. Meanwhile BC lights up but your stuck on a extended 4 days hire so they can AVERAGE OUT YOUR HOURS. Criminal.

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Customers will get away with whatever the operators let them. I've worked fires in Qc recently where they were averaging over five day windows to avoid this crap. The counter got reset every five days, so you could never get stuck sitting for more than one or two days. Of course, companies offering this get hired after those who whore out their machines and crews for next to nothing...

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yup, Here I get averaged for 20 to 30 days, I am getting tired of this,, bustin my *** going for every 0.1 I can get, suggesting flights, looking for jobs pushing all so I can get screwed when a couple weather, maintenance or client days park me at the end of the tour. Here I sit watching my mins take over.


I might as well just fly the bare minimum and go home, So discouraging.


The worst part, is when this all started, the companies all complained that he clients are doing it.......Now those same companies do it to their own staff.. hypocrites.

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no, I get payed the hours I fly, i am just venting, I think this has come the industry norm, only a few companies offer non averaged mins that I know of.


If I fly a bunch of 6 hour days at the beginning, I surpass mins rapidly and it looks like a great tour! until you get a hick-up of some sort at the end and can't fly. Now the mins are slowly adding up. And all these days I sit and wait, I basically don't get payed mins becasue they take my high hour days at the beginning and count them as today's mins .....just like Forestry.



It would be nice to see, if you fly 6 a day you get payed 6 a day, if you sit in a tent or a sea can for weather, maint, clients ect...you still get payed your daily mins.

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