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Unknown Gazelles

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dave, on 27 Mar 2016 - 12:14 AM, said:


i was aerospatiale tech rep in Canada 1970-1984. Its nice to see the posts on a lot of the friends and serial numbers again.


Hey Dave,  


Good to see you're still following the helicopter world!  Been a long time since we visited in northern Manitoba when Lambair were running Alouettes and Gazelle! Seems like those were good times... Are you still living in Calgary?



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i am in Placerville California which is 40 miles west of south lake tahoe. Believe it or not im still a tech rep with eurocopter(or airbus). i am 76 years old and i guess didn't have a hobby.

i orginally traveled to all the west coast states and Alaska and hawaii but now just stay close to home as most of the trouble calls come by email. There are still a few gazelles here-mostly imported military and a few 342's from Europe. I mainly do the 350 here and have written a lot of troubleshooting on the 350 which i send to whom ever wants it. My Kids and grand kids are in Calgary. i hear from engineers up there with 350 issues and now i get emails from some of the old guys Kids who are also working on 350's.

Please keep in touch (dunstan@cal.net)dave

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Excuse me Gents for re-posting but I'd really appreciate if anyone can help me about.

I am looking for info on Alaskan helicopter pilot Al Hertauger, who perished in a white-out near Ft Yukon back in late 1970's (or early '80?). Any photo of his Gazelle helicopter would be also welcome. Thanks in advance!


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On 3/9/2014 at 3:13 PM, Zishelix said:

As far as I know know, one of the first Gazelles in Canada was CF-BBO delivered in 1973. I still don't know who operate it nor what happened with that machine since then. I can only hope some photo of that SA.341G survived 'til today...



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On 3/6/2014 at 7:22 PM, Cambox said:

Shirley's Gazelle during the summer of 1974 at Eagle Lake base camp during the Dryden 18 fire. If you weren't there, it was a pretty big event!


Hey dude...I  worked on FZM on that fire with Dolley Ross and Gerry Flesher...S-58!

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