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I believe John Carlton, owner of Precision Helicopters, Grande Prairie operated them in the 80's. Also a logging company in Campbell River, B.C. had one in the late 80's/early 90's, can't think of their name off the top of my head. I heard that parts were getting hard to find, the French military was hoarding all of them. I believe also Doug Makkonen flew one at TNTA, Whitehorse at one time as well.

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Zishelix....... I stand corrected, it was GVIT. Brain fart on my behalf! The original (Lamb) VIT was a F and it was a G4A. Sold to a cattle rancher in Texas. I'll see what I have for pictures of

Hey guys, this is my first post here.   I was browsing when I spotted this old thread on an helicopter forum http://helicopterforum.verticalreference.com/topic/3940-gazelle/. In his comments

Bob Thurston with back to camera giving preflight briefing to me for first vertical reference lesson. What an awesome man and instructor he was.

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Darville Copters in Grand Prairie had two or three of them in 1975-76. Herman Lorenz and Ruth Ann Page flew for Ed. There was an English chap as well, Gordon Oliver I think. Those machines were the fastest things with rotors. Nice looking helicopters but not very useful in the mountains due to low rotor discs.

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C-FEDG was with Darville Copters since 1973 until 1983:



Photo taken at Latornel, south of Grande Prairie, Alberta on December 14th, 1978 Photo: Steve Aubury



Vancouver April 1988, by Mike Macgowan


Also a trivia: allocated false reg. N9747P while used for filming The Fly II movie in 1989 J

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I believe also Doug Makkonen flew one at TNTA, Whitehorse at one time as well.

I think that was Karl Ziehe with Shirley. I believe that TNTA had a Lama which Doug and others flew.

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