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Unknown Gazelles

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I was in Dryden in1974 working with Kenting.I was with Hugh Ross and Jerry Flesher,we had FFZM an S-58.Have put those pics on here already.Cheers.Viking had a pile of 500 working on that fire.We were day based out of Vermillion Bay.Also worked fires with Bob Thurston in Gypsumville Manitoba the year before he departed.

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Bob Thurston with back to camera giving preflight briefing to me for first vertical reference lesson. What an awesome man and instructor he was.

Thirsty Bob was a great fellow, we had him up here helping us on a drill job in the Chilcotin, early

1980's. Between him and Bob Holt, you couldn't get any better entertainment! (unless Transport Canada inspectors entered the room!!)

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Yes he was full of fun and entertainment. When I was landing on the towers in Saskatchewan in 80s he'd tease me about being a suicide jockey,,,,,next tour he was on the machine. But he was smarter than I was and had it down to a science, 30 seconds per landing, only enough gear in machine for what they needed on that tower. I left too much gear in machine, get in get something get out,,,back and forth,,,etc.


You could learn more stuff from him just listening to his stories than most could teach.

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