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Zishelix....... I stand corrected, it was GVIT. Brain fart on my behalf! The original (Lamb) VIT was a F and it was a G4A. Sold to a cattle rancher in Texas. I'll see what I have for pictures of

Hey guys, this is my first post here.   I was browsing when I spotted this old thread on an helicopter forum http://helicopterforum.verticalreference.com/topic/3940-gazelle/. In his comments

Bob Thurston with back to camera giving preflight briefing to me for first vertical reference lesson. What an awesome man and instructor he was.

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B26 Invader, what a great photos! A real contribution to my C-Gazelles collection, indeed :) Thanks for share.


I didn't know GSHL was with Shirley Helicopters (later Shirley Air Services). I only knew for Northland Helicopters from March 1975 until '80 when she became C-GMUV for the same owner.


So glad to see this thread drag out such interesting Gazelle photos from storage boxes! Keep 'em coming please :)

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Yup, Johnny Johnson and I first met at Aeospataile in Grande Prairie on the Gazelle course in 1975... Not that long ago if you say it fast!





Shirley Helicopters C-GSHL I believe Wayne Eng at the helm in Yukon.


C-GSHL brand new on the ramp at 3 Hangar Edmonton Muni with John johnson ( Kiwi) just arrived from Vought in Texas. I belive was flown in by Larry Davidson.






attachicon.gifShirley Gazzelle yukon 1978.jpgattachicon.gifShirley Yukon.jpgattachicon.gifscan0005.jpg

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