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Personal Flight Kit

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Had the"Pleasure" of actually needing to open the Aircraft Survival Kit a few weeks ago on the West Coast. Was able to stay semi comfortable with a huge fire and 5 passengers. I've taken a few notes on what I would really want!!! I've compared a few notes with a seasoned coworker he had a amazing saw "Silky Big Boy" and one of those SOS emergency sleeping bags. Situation would have been drastically different if we had nothing to burn.


Personally I have a sturdy knife and lighter, and the "Find me Spot" that i never leave base with out.


Just tossing out a topic as to what the rest of Canada's Bush pilots personally pack for daily missions according to region.



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I always pack the following into my flight suit pockets. I want to have this stuff with me if I have to crawl out of a burning wreck and can't retrieve the survival kit.(sorry about being graphic...but it happens!!)


I always have a Leatherman, a cigarette lighter and a little flashlight. In the winter I also carry an aluminum survival blanket (they are tiny and light). In the summer I swap the blanket for a small bottle of Muskol bug dope. I hate the stuff...but it works well and also makes a great fire starter.

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Summertime,bugjacket and bug spray....wintertime,northstar parka with a bag with sorels and snow suit,orange toque and arctic mits and both seasons a case of bottled water,well charged cell phone and lots of chocolate bars.Some guys here have asked me why the machine is always full of junk food,well it comes in handy and weighs nothing.Just remember to replace it from time to time,it goes bad after a few months!!!

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Among my guilty pleasures are youtube videos from 'preppers'. While some of their paranoia is bordeline psychotic, a lot of them are very resourceful and creative in their EDC (every day carry)items and survival strategies. Their are all kinds of uses for every day items which can be easily packed and can be infinitely useful in survival situations.


I don't get too much winter flying, but I like to pack the leatherman, flashlight, firesteel, a hat with built-in bugmesh and a cheap poncho. Always have bottles of water and granola bars on board. Always a 'Spot' on-board as well.

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MREs, stove to melt snow in winter that can use Jet fuel. Where I work there is always snow and ice around. Water filter or purification tablets in summer. Sleeping bag in winter, down jacket year round. Knife, snacks, tarp, ali blanket. Fire lighters.


If possible I wear what I can. On a big winter job I put in snowshoes (36") and extra food . Sometimes I will haul along a generator to plug in the tanis kit and keep the laptop working.


Now where to put all this? Astar is easy in the pilots side locker. Bell 206? I bungie it to the side of the instrument panel without letting it touch the pedals or chin bubble.

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This is a great topic. My never leave base without items are as follows.


Life Vest (summertime) - Small signal mirror & Gerber multi tool. My vest has MOLLE loops which I attached a http://www.mec.ca/product/5023-232/nrs-co-pilot-knife/ . In case a quick seatbelt cut maybe required. The knife has a blunt tip to reduce the chances of pricking an inflated vest.


Mag lite pro + led flashlight. Very small size and can function as a lantern with the tip removed.


MEC Small Duffle bag (Go Bag) - A few cans of tuna, bug spray, change of clothes, warm hat, bug net, pilot license, 2 spare AA batteries & etrex GPS.


I also made up my own personal tool kit. http://www.canadiantire.ca/en/pdp/kunys-socket-holder-roll-pouch-0581013p.html

It includes duck bills, side cuts, snap on stubby & standard length screwdrivers, stubby wrenches, 1/4" sockets and extensions. It rolls up very tidy and compact.


Insulated rubber fueling gloves!


I hope this gives others a few positive ideas for their own kits.

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As someone who was in a situation that necessitated the unpacking of the emergency kit and trying to stay warm recently, this is a great post.


But, a word of caution to people who plan to use the reflective space blankets. Yes, they are awesome and reflect a lot of heat back to you, but, they are incredibly easy to tear, and when they do, they tear their entire length.


Look into some coated versions like these.



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