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Canada Accident Reporting


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Are incident / accident reports published in Canada ?. On the TSB site the latest information is for 2003.


NTSB/FAA post preliminary reports on the day after the incident .


In the UK they seem to be fairly up to date on the AAIB web site.

( feb reports ref some dec 2004 incidents ).



BFU ( germany ) has reports for Dec 2004. http://www.bfu-web.de/Bulletin/index.htm


BEA ( france) has 4 reports for 2004. http://www.bea-fr.org/francais/rapports/rap.htm


I guess we have to rely on other sources for canadian incidents.



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Once upon a time, someone was doing the grunt work to post the incidents that happened in Canada...


Canadian Aviation Safety News


It hasn't been updated since 2000 so I'm not sure what happened or where the web owner was acquiring his info.


You can also get a summary of accidents and incidents as part of the Air Safety Week publication (if you can afford the subscription :shock: ).


You can find some older accident reports at this link: AVSAF - Aviation Accident Reports.


Aviation Safety Reflections also used to include all of the recent incidents.


It is curious, though, that there doesn't seem to be a source for this information anymore... <_<

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Bouncing back and forth between Canada's TSB and the BC Archives for a decades-old incident/accident report is a real pleasure cruise, let me tell ya. :) And it costs money, too.


I know we've been down this road a few times, Elvis, but there is NO EXCUSE for the TSB to be so slow in reporting their findings on 2004 incidents/accidents. They could and should speed it up out of respect for the families of crewmembers killed; thinking of Boulder pilot Burton Goodman who died in BC in December, specifically. It's just not right.


I understand the hassle I'm going through; we're talking about an old report. One might ask what did families do to find information before the Internet? Before the TSB had a website? Phone calls. Lots of phone calls. So bizarre how one quarter of a century later, things really have changed too terribly much...or so it seems. ;)


Just an FYI Transportation Safety Board of Canada @ 1-800-387-3557


Give 'em a phone call anytime, night or day. They don't mind. :)

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