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Thanks guys - Helimentor, you make some good points - I myself did 4 years all over Scotland before I came to Canada, benefitting from a Chief Pilot who had spent 15 years in Nepal (I learnt more from him in 2 hours than I did with the Army over 25) and got grandfathered in, but I did visit a couple of schools on behalf of my company when we had to send a pilot off for some mountain time and I found that they could teach you good ways of landing in weird places, but they knew nothing about getting from A to B without making the passengers sick, which is where you spend most of your time.


And the reason he wants mountain training is the same reason I want to do a float course one day - just for fun, and the Canadians do it best :)





You've got that right, Phil. And let's not fool ourselves that it's all about mountains. It's about finding and dealing with wind, and about power management, and maintaining a loaded disc, things that you need to know in urban canyons, too.


I don't think you'll find many to argue that Jan's training in Penticton and KO's out of Abbotsford are as good as it gets. However, we've got some oustanding training at Highland with Ken Birss and Rockie Saliken, also carrid on out of Abbotsford.

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