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Interview For Low Timer

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First, congratulations on the interview.


Every CP is different, but things that are good to know include the numbers for the machine they'll be flying you in...Vne, max weight, fuel etc. Also good to find out what you can about their company, the kind of work they do etc. Be professional but be yourself...if you try to tell them what they want to hear, most guys will see right though it. They're not just interviewing you, you're interviewing them, too. Also ask questions if you want to know something, it shows that you're thinking and trying to go into things with your eyes wide open.


Best of luck and be safe up there.

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To go beyond memorizing the key numbers (limits, etc), make sure you know where to find any information you don't know off the top of your head.


ie. what section of the flight manual to go to for systems descriptions, W&B stations, etc; Nav chart legends in the CFS; generally, how to find things in the AIM, CARS... all good things to know that will impress interviewers as well as training pilots.


Dress nice, but toe the line between that and functional (for the hangar / flying). I've usually been fine with nice jeans and a golf shirt, or at least bring a flight suit / work clothes to change in to.


As for the check ride? Focus on being smooth, and know your limitations. They realize you're a low time pilot so don't force a confined you're not comfortable with just because they asked you to land there. Take it slow, and don't be afraid to say "I'm not comfortable with this spot". Use the flight as a learning opportunity as much as an interview.

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At the end of the flight, at least offer to help push the machine back in the hangar, or at least tidy it up. I've known several otherwise fine candidates fall at that hurdle.


Also, EVERYBODY is on the interview panel, including the cleaner.


Good luck, though.



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Listen and don't use fancy words, keep an open mind and mouth shut unless its important you open it. , try to keep your answers short, and if you don't know something don't try to bullllshit the answer. say " I don't know" . Your employer will be impressed if you are honest, and straight forward. You are expected to know very little. Ask questions that are pertinent to the job he is asking you to do.


Study your *** off on the numbers, don't fly like an idiot and if you are uncertain about a maneuver ask for instruction. Don't be afraid to not accept a confined area if you are uncomfortable with the approach, or space. Your employer will be happy that you are prudent and would sooner hire arid emit pilot than an overconfident one.


After you have the job, keep. Low profile , be polite , and help out where you can.


Good luck.

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