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Any Countries Recognize Cdn License At Par?

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Don't mean a to be critical, but a daft question piston high! State governments regulate civil aviation. Sometimes these authorities are called CAAs ( Civiil Aviation Autorities) in some smaller juristictions are refered to as DGAC's. Most state governments around the world are signatory to the ICAO Convention. Most signatory States follow ICAO Annex 1 that covers the minimum standards associated with accepted standards for licensing. This does not meant that State CAAs or DGACs are obliged to comply with the standards as the annexes and SARPS are only guidance information and State governments may legislate as they wish.


Canada is a good case in point , and does not comply with ALL the ICAO SARPS and ANNEXES ( I could elaborate but for fear of boring the reading audience I won't )


The good news is that as a result of our topography here in Canada we have a relatively large commercial Heli industry that over the short history of 60 so years or more has been recognized as a pioneering realm when it comes to rotary work and innovation and has been paramount in placing Canada on top of the list of " best licenses " maybe not I terms of working rights for participants domestically here in Canada ( which s a complete mess ) but certainly in the field of technical expertise and training the

Iicense is highly respected around the world.


The Canadian license as well as the training standards are recognized and fully comply with ICAO Annex 1.


Some state CAA s allow a validation for a designated period of time for the Commerical , others require that you pass a full exam or air law exam. Best to have a ATPL as it's often only requires the airlaw exam in most cases given my limited conversion experience.



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Most countries have Validation process as part of the regulatory frame work. From what I understand validations are only used as a temporary measure until licenses are granted.


Best thing would be to look up the applicable DGAC or CAA.s and ask.



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An open apology to all of you...


I sincerely apologize for being daft and having a question. I feel so stupid. 'll try to do better next time. I'm sure that my display of ignorance has been seen as a direct assault on everyone's intelligence and I hope I haven't ruined everyone's long weekend.


Pilot5, I do really appreciate the fact that you are not being critical. Thank you.


(Coastal... Don't you be daft too. Think Man, think!)

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