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Fast Tracking Skilled Labour Foreign Hires.

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The underlying root of our stress, is the same as the other things we ignore daily. Why is the price of oil in half, we pay the price we said we'd never pay at the pump.


Ridiculous sums are splashed across the board for tax payer costs, the government shrugs, the prices of every staple in the house rises, no jobs are created, everyone who ever knew anyone who received a social benefit avoids talking about it, but it's a mess.


Huge corporations paying giant bonuses to corrupt execs defer taxes that could wipe out deficits.


It's a golden age for Corporations. They will never enjoy a better and faster moving game in which every one scrambles to misinterpret and even increase their ratings/revenue/ridiculous activities.


There is no one to vote for. FTW's are well paid modern slaves, some are paid much better than others, none of them are in Canada for the weather.


There is no more NDP, it's been a joke since the 'Great Jack Layton' did almost nothing to avoid the 'near' merger of the Liberals and the NDP. What a joke. We don't have leaders, we have Prime, and Premier Executive Reps.


WTF is a Liberal? What is a Conservative? Haha, the Green Party. Right. The NDP.


Not that it matters at all, but I agree with almost everyone here who is shocked and unhappy about where their country went.


We haven't suffered enough. We will though, all my old farming friends voting conservative, while buying Monsanto products, and they have forums and make similar remarks to ours.


Comments about 'countries' make me worry, this is going to happen everywhere. There is nothing about any country happening here, this is to bring to heel those who are 'have nots'. Even China are bringing products manufactured in NK to their mainland, packaging with the familiar label Made in China, and shipping them abroad.


As you say, write MP's, read the news, believe the date only.


My post sucks, I don't like what I am writing, I don't like what I'm seeing, reading, watching and hearing from my government.


Good to see that people are upset. Everyone should be. Winnie, what was the skill Canadian pilots were short on when you arrived here, if I may ask? And those ads, those very specific ads.


Globalism is the golden age of the 1%. Steven Harper, ugh. Justin Trudeau, his little flea. Ugh.


Just as a fun poke, it really got moving with an actor, who became President of the US, and now they're all actors. There is enough disposable personal wealth (robbed from the Ruble alone, during the tenure of Clinton, destroying the economy of the far East so long ago through 13 Oligarchs now directing much of the East) parked in the now bankrupt state of California to erase the US debt. That final state disaster was seen through by another actor/governor, who hung out with our dear departed drunken philandering ex premier Gordon C.


I mean really. The FTW program is the next logical step for the whole thing while we all ignore the underlying root cause, as if we don't know what it is.


Bring them to heel, bring in the replacements, profit on their backs. It COULD change, but it's quite obvious that to better as an individual is going to trump organization. That's what I have seen, and that is what I see everywhere.


This is meant of course to be a bit inflammatory, but I just read some really long posts that seemed the same to me.


There are some really big top overhead powerhouse industry leaders in helicopters, yes? I wonder what they are doing to stem/stimulate this situation? I am thinking, with the huge purses at stake in such as Discovery, etc., are they going to lie down, and say, oops. Better leave this to the companies that manage this with the traditional understandings of the Canadian industry, our model doesn't work.


Did Ford make fuel efficient cars and flip off the big oil companies, and keep things tight and local?


Just some 7 beer musing.


Probably not.

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Today we had a meeting at Employment and Skills Development Canada (ESDC) in YOW. We went there to ask them to stop allowing Temporary Foreign Workers (TFW) pilots into Canada, not only in the airlines business but in all aviation sectors, flight Instruction, 702, 703 and 704. I made a special mention of the TFW problem in the Helicopter industry.


One of the complaints the Director of the TFWP at ESDC made to us, is that they set up a means for people to complain against abuses in the TFWP but very few pilots have lodged complaints. They need complaints in order to take any action because without the complaints, they have no means to know when Employers made bogus representations to them in order to import Foreign Pilots. So all those who think that they were denied a job for which they were qualified in favor of a TFW pilots, or who were refused a Captains position in favor of a TFW captain, please file a complaint. It can be anonymous and your identity will remain confidential.

The website to file a complaint is here:




And by the way, we created a Facebook Group to fight this problem




I hope this is permitted to post. If not Mods, remove that last part only and not the whole post please.

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xxxxxxxx. Winnie, what was the skill Canadian pilots were short on when you arrived here, if I may ask? And those ads, those very specific ads.






I applied to three jobs where there were no other applicants, as a chief flight instructor. I waited until I did have my work permit, and then came over, when the one company I worked for got absorbed by another, I waited until I had the new work permit before continuing to work for the new company. Up until that point I had done instruction 99% of the time, and minor tourism flights, when working for the company that absorbed ours, I started doing bush work as well. after that I applied for another work permit, and started working for yet another school, as CFI, and while there I finally applied for permanent residency.

The rules have now changed so you can only come and stay on a TFW program for only 4 or 5 years max, then have to be out of the country for a minimum of 1 year before being let in again.

The biggest abusers of the TFW program now is Tim Hortons and McDonalds... you can hardly go anywhere now where the workers aren't from the Philippines.

If you do some tracking here on the forum you can probably see where I have been, and what companies I worked for. I have no regrets, and I am very happy that Canada has let me come in, and stay in you your beautiful country (which soon will be mine too).


I feel I am different as I didn't come here just to get experience, and then move on, I came to live here. All the money I make stays here, my wife is Canadia etc.



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I find a huge difference in working for McDonalds and being a pilot. I don't think Micky D's charges 50 plus grand just to get your foot in the door. Also once you get here on the TFW program meet a Canadian girl and then decide to stay you've just effectively eliminated a position for good.


Also Gilles if writing the man in charge of immigration with your concerns gets very little reaction I can't see writing the so highly effective organization of Services Canada to get any better results. In my past experience with Services Canada I can see them bringing in more TFW because of a clerical error.

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When an operator makes an LMIA application to ESDC and 50 qualified pilots apply for the job, there is no way for ESDC to know any different if it tells ESDC that there were no qualified applicants. They can just throw all the high time quality applicants in the trash and show a few low time applicants to ESDC to demonstrate that there are no qualified applicants in Canada. If after that, one of you writes to them to state that you applied there and had not heard of the Operator, its will give them ammunition to take action.

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