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Fast Tracking Skilled Labour Foreign Hires.

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Tell me this- why would I go work for a company with the small possibility of gaining year round employment when I can go work somewhere else and collect a paycheck 12 months of the year? If you want a pilot just for the summer- you are going to need to compensate. How is this pilot going to feed his family for the remainder of the year?

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I would love to see the accident statistics on Type and cost of Incidents/ Accidents under the following categories. 500 hours or less 1,000 hours or less 2,000 hours or less over 2,000 hours I

My first post here:   If anyone sees a helicopter pilot ad that seems to have unnecessary or unreasonable hiring requirements that seem to have been inserted just to exclude certain people and favor

I'm sure if you give a guy the 407 or 205 endorsement you would have plenty of response. The problem is companies are to cheap and are looking for the cheap solution. I can understand the economics bu

Who wants to work the winters in Canada anyway. Slow, cold, icing, covers, heaters. Go contract just get a good garuntee.

If it were just that simple. We are all waiting with baited breath on where to do that?

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