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Fast Tracking Skilled Labour Foreign Hires.

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Guest JetboxJockey

One can only wonder how many operators have gone belly up as a result of this program as well. How does an operator who employs a roster of Canadian pilots compete against a company that has a roster of foreign pilots?


They can't....


Profit has been put ahead of ethics and it has destabilized the industry as a whole. These operators IMO are nothing short of traitors.


Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against the foreign pilots. They are just the pawns caught up in all of this madness.


I would love to see what would happen to these operators if the feds pulled the plug on the programme. They'd be screwed up the butt and deservedly so......

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Guest JetboxJockey

Seeing as how the Government seams to be taking little or now interest in what is going on in our industry.


I got to thinking.about Bait Cars used to catch car thieves.


We as Canadian pilots could do the same thing. We notify the Foreign Worker program (integrity@servicecanada.gc.ca) of every ad that is posted that any of us apply for. I have sent them emails for every job posting i have appied for in 2014 and will begin to work backwards.


I urge others to do the same. This is one thing that is within our control and if nothing else. It is going to force the operators who are abusing the program to think twice before submitting a bogus foreign worker application.


One way or the other we can put an end to this problem. In the mean time hopefully the media will catch wind of the situation and put further pressure on the government to end this madness.


You can also email the Labour Minister's media relations at media@hrsdc-rhdcc.gc.ca so they cannot claim that they know nothing about the problem.

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Speak up boys and girls.

This first link is particularly applicable for anybody who was qualified for a position at a company known to use foreign pilots.


Jason Kenney - Labour Minister

Jinny Sims - NDP Labour critic

Find your MP using your postal code.

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Guest JetboxJockey

emails sent.


I encourage anyone who has applied to a company that hires foreign workers to email integrity@servicecanada.gc.ca with the name of the company, date of application and qualifications.


These sweatshops need to be shut down so we are all on a level playing field.


Your future as a pilot and your livelihood are at stake.

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Guest driver81

I found this online. These are some of the actual LMO Applications in 2013. For those pilots that have looked for work and didn't get hired, you might want to read through some of these and file a complaint with the above mentioned email from service Canada.


There are a lot of applications, and remember some companies have more then one on this list. Some companies also operate as a different name then you may know them as. Also the companies say how many Canadians they have currently employed. that includes, janitors, accounting, engineers, receptionists, ect....



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My first post here:


If anyone sees a helicopter pilot ad that seems to have unnecessary or unreasonable hiring requirements that seem to have been inserted just to exclude certain people and favor others, there are good chances that those that are being favored are Temporary Foreign Workers. Employers do not need to make up excuses to favor another Canadian, they can just hire him. When employers go to such lengths in an ad, it is to fulfill an ESDC requirement in order to hire a foreign worker.


For example, I recently saw an ad for a fixed wing crop duster pilot. The requirement were that any applicant also have a Flight Instructor Rating and Flight Engineer experience. That is B/S. Such requirement can perhaps fool the good people at ESDC but we pilots know very well that a crop duster pilot has no need for a Flight Instructor rating or a for prior experience as a Flight Engineer. Your duty when you see such requirements is to speak up and let ESDC know that the employment requirements are unnecessary and unreasonable and that you think you qualify for the job. Sometimes the extra requirements are more subtle. Things like 5500 hours of experience. Why should a pilot need "5500" hours ? Is a 4500 hours pilot not qualified ? How about "7 years of long line experience" ? What if you have 3 ? Can you not do the job ? You may have done more long line flight hours in your four years that the other guy in his 7.

Requiring a type rating or a check on a machine should always be a no no. Employers are responsible for checking pilots on a machine. There are too many helicopter types and it happens too often that the one who happens to have the check is foreign. Some ads required that the applicant be checked on two specific types at the same time.

I saw an ad where the pilot had to be checked on one type (no hours stated) but also have 500 hours of experience on another. All these are tricks to fool ESDC into authorizing the foreign applicants.


You must be aware that when the employer tells ESDC that he posted an ad for 4 weeks and was unable to find a qualified Canadian applicant, ESDC has no way of knowing that this is true. All they know is that the employer put the ad. They have no way of knowing that qualified Canadians applied for the job and that their applications were discarded. You must let ESDC know that you have applied for the job and that you think you qualify.


Finally, ESDC regulations state that before en employer can hire a TFW, he must make a reasonable effort to hire and train a Canadian. To hire AND TRAIN. Meaning that if you are a qualified pilot, the employer must invest in training you, should you require some training, before he can hire an already trained foreigner. Also the TFW program is meant to fill a LABOR SHORTAGE.


Is there a LABOR SHORTAGE where helicopter pilots are concerned in Canada ? We all know the answer to that don't we ?


So I encourage Canadian Helicopter pilots to fight back. We must prevent Canadian employers from giving our jobs to TFW pilots.




Abuse of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program will not be tolerated. To report misuse or abuse, contact:

Anonymous tips can also be provided to the Employer Contact Centre: 1-800-367-5693



Canadians must always be first in line for available jobs

The Temporary Foreign Worker Program is being reviewed to ensure that Canadians have the first crack at available jobs.

Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC)/Service Canada is responsible for assessing applications from employers requesting to hire temporary foreign workers (TFW), and for issuing labour market opinions (LMO) on the likely impact these TFWswould have on the Canadian job market.


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Is there any reason why 85% of a helicopter operators' pilots in the summer be foreign? If we were some third World country with no local talent I would say yes. But we are not.


Canadian employers should hire Canadian or Landed Immigrant helicopter pilots, not Temporary Foreign Workers.

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