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Lr Helicopters Or Mountain View Helicopters?

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I have never thought of MVH as a puppy mill. I have known/worked with PB for almost 20 years and have the utmost respect for who he is and what he puts into his students. We have an agreement between

Phil is correct you need to see them both and then make your call. That said MV is a bit of a "puppy mill" they produce a lot of good pilots so many in fact that only about 10% ever get jobs, or at le

Who cares if they hire from their graduates!!!!!!!!!!   These are only two of the two hundred helicopter company's in Canada that a graduate might work for ........   You want to get the best trai

Hey Justin44,


Have you found work? There seems to be a lot of pessamistic out there!


How much did you end up spending on the training?

I worked a ground job that was seasonal for 2 months, went on days off and never did get called back. I spent about $62,000 on training

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Update for those considering heli training at L R Helicopters. There are some issues there right now and some that have been there for a while!

Training is expensive as they only train on the R44. The owner will try to justify the cost but take note.... he talks a good talk! He is the co-owner, chief pilot, opps manager CFI and examiner!! all in one!! As and examiner he can be anywhere from difficult to rude, arrogant and a bully! On check rides it is not unusual for him to hit pilots on the head and abuse them in more ways than one. That said, L R Helicopters do from time to time have jobs for new pilots as they have the contract for CTN news machines in Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver and Toronto. They just lost the contract for Winnipeg! Whose next?  After spending your $75k CAD you may or may not get selected. The training is so good there that they employ student from Chinook, Mountain View and Helicopters Canada as these are better pilots! Or is it because you are not judged on you six month stint at L R? One mistake an it IS remembered! Only recently has there been an increase in the pilot ratio to 50/50 of L R students compared to other schools. It was only 1/3 of L R pilots made the grade!

At the moment students are only receiving a two week on two week off training schedule due to other commitments so the students suffer and seem to come last. The two week training is instructed by a great instructor - Richard A.......... his main job is instructing at.......... Mountain View!!!!! Before making a decision, talk to the pilots in Vancouver, Edmonton, Toronto and Calgary CTN bases and ask for an HONEST view! Of course talk to the other schools mentioned above too. IMO go for the less expensive training, spend your additional money on other ratings/training and extra hours to give yourself the optimum chance of a job. Also with the Alberta student loans (if you are a resident). You will get all of your training done for the loan cost with the other schools and not have to add $12/15K CAD to it. 

Lastly walk out of your training with a smile on your face. Enjoy your training (which means selecting the RIGHT place to train!  Which may not be L R Helicopters)!!!!!  Challenging times ahead for your first job but **** of a life when you get there.


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Good one feck! Have you guys considered going to Abbotsford? Both BC heli and Chinook are excellent schools and I'm currently work it with a few low time guys here. The instructor of both schools help out with work. I would steer clear of recommendation to go work out in Kannaskis. That whole situation is a disgrace to the word ground crew. More like slave...

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