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Canadian Bait Pilots Ending Foreign Worker Abuse

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True story: Company I worked for ran an ad looking for a base pilot in "cold" country. A friend, personally asked me about the position. So I brought this inquiry to the ops mangler and his reply was: "I want to bring in "irish lad" because he will stay there all summer and we won't have to give him time off."


My buddy is a hard working 3000+ guy with excellent longline skills

"irish lad" 1000ish hrs with no longline skills


The other question is, how often are foreign personal logs audited for legitimacy?

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Can we be nicer? Let's try that. The whole point of this is to stick together and improve our industry, not ridiculing people that have a valid point. There are tons of posts on here that are not grea

I don't have an issue with foreign pilots working in Canada, to the extent that they bring in an expertise that is hard to find elsewhere, which is what most Canadian pilots working overseas offer. Ho

Seeing as how the Government seams to be taking little or now interest in what is going on in our industry.   We as Canadian pilots can notify the Foreign Worker program (integrity@servicecanada.gc.

Times have changed we don't care about the young Canadian kids that want into this industry.i hear more foreign accents cluttering up 126.7 in my area than I care to acknowledge . Clear blue sky and these poor lonely guys can't shut up on the radio. Customers get in the heli and cannot believe that they can actually communicate with the pilot. Had one guy comment that I actually asked them if they could see what they wanted to look at. The last guy couldn't understand what they wanted to look at.


Oh ya we were being polite

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Hardly anyone I know has a problem with the individuals. The problem is the companies.


This is what happened with the biggest one I know of.


They hired lower time guys and worked them up. They expected them to live in a crappy place. They were shocked when they bailed as soon as they got experience. They didn't pay enough to offset the fact that its a ****** place to live. They hating using pool pilots and didnt unless they had to and when they did they treated them like ####. They were so butthurt about the guys they trained up leaving, they decided they weren't going to do that again. They simply weren't an attractive place for high time pilots to work. Since they wouldn't motivate pilots financially to offset this, they were constantly looking for pilots, and eventually got visas. Foreign pilots were attractive in many ways. They have hours, many are willing to work terrible shifts because they are still building hours, they are happy to get bush experience, and the company had them by the balls. If they quit, or were fired, they had just days to leave the country.


The company became bigger and bigger and the work they mostly did, as simple and forgiving as it gets. The perfect job geographically and operationally to get low time pilots comfortable flying.


Such a waste.

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equally as skilled individuals for lower rate, why wouldn't an operator hire them?


Furthermore there shouldn't even be ******* foreign workers allowed in this country while our own citizens are on welfare or unemployment insurance.


If a Canadian pilot gripes and moans about every last thing, can't fly to save himself, clients hate him, workmates hate him, management hates him, treats machines poorly, won't clean up after himself, and is just a general pain, why should he be hired before a foreign guy who's prepared to do the work right, gets along with other guys, treats machines well and doesn't complain about the small stuff? Sounds pretty ridiculous to me.


I didn't realise that being born in Canada forgave all sins. Maybe they should stop employing anyone who's family immigrated here in the last 200 years. Maybe only First Nations pilots should be hired, seeing as they're the true residents of Canada. Everyone else is just a foreigner

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Guest driver81

I think your missing the point Tee4. Maybe think a little before you post. You sound like your from the Southern Hemisphere. I think they have a forum called Blade Slapper for you.

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This discussion is about the TFW program, which allows an employer to raise a temporary work permit for a foreign pilot. A foreign pilot who comes here under the TFW program is nothing short of an endentured servant to his employer. The employee has none of the rights usually afforded employees. If the employer is unhappy with the TFW, he simply fires him and advises HRDC, who then advise the TFW that they have ten days to leave the country. A TFW cannot resign from one employer and go work for another. They have to leave the country and the new employer has to raise a new TFW visa. Some employers take further advantage of the program by imposing training bonds (disguised as "HAC approved employment contracts") in order to retain a significant portion of the TFW's earnings until the end of the contract in order to ensure they will complete their "obligations" towards them.


As I've said before, we're all immigrants here. I welcome any foreign pilot who wants to immigrate to Canada. The process is long, but once an individual is in, they get the same rights Canadians do and are protected under Canada's labour laws from indecent behaviour on the part of certain employers.


This is not about protecting Canadians. It's about protecting everyone who works here and has made legitimate efforts to make Canada their home from abuse and the downward pressure the TFW program places on our wages.

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