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Cars Amendment

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If anyone has been paying attention to the Canadian Aviation Regulations status on the Justice Canada website, you may have become aware that they were amended on April 13, 2014 as indicated by the information bullet. TC does not issue the Amendment Summary anymore as it's no longer their responsibility since Justice Canada handles the law (therefore the "regulations").


I have not been able to find anywhere that indicates what was actually amended. Phone conversations with local TC Inspectors indicate they don't know either. It's on the challenging side to ensure one is in compliance with the regulations if it cannot be determined what has been amended and the content of that amendment! I submitted a CAIRS request last week to TC with no answer as of this time.


Being human, perhaps I have missed something (and maybe the TC Inspectors too?); therefore I ask if anyone out there has figured out a way to know what the amendment actually entails; other than reading every line, paragraph, and page...again? :(

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This whole shifting of CARs to the justice website has been poorly done. The regs are on the justice website but the standards remain on the TC website. The justice website is far more user unfriendly than the TC site. And if the TC people don't even know what's going on, then that's indicative of some really poor communication within the government.


Thanks kjw57 for reminding us about the Gazette process. Maybe that's how we should be keeping up to date anyways.

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Thanks kjw57 for the Gazette link. I did try the Gazette website a few weeks back but found it very confusing, even with entering CARs in the search window.


Simple pleasures (?) like having the CARs Summary that we were used to... ah the good ol' days! <_<


A local TC Inspector (Edmonton office) told me he has and is trying to get something happening with Justice Canada in this regard, however no assurances of timely action from Justice.


I also find it interesting that we must describe the amendment process in our MCM and MPM; however the regulator does not appear to have to do that??

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And here lies the catch: currently, the only way to get the amendment Summary is by paying for a CARs Deluxe subscription from Aviation Data Systems.

One of our TC representatives had this to say in an e-mail: "here is an example of what the CARs Deluxe shows for the latest CARs changes, their contact info (telephone and website) is shown also, you may want to contact them to investigate possible solutions to the problem".

Sounds like someone will be doing well.

He attached the Amendment summary from CARs Deluxe so I figured I'd pass it on (attached).

He also advised that it is common complaint they are hearing; they are suggesting that all stakeholders submit a simple complaint through CAIRS that states something like: "How am I supposed to know what changes occurr to the CARs if there is no published Amendment Summary?"

CARs Deluxe Amend summary 2014.pdf

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