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Paying Off Investment


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You never will...


If you're analyzing the cost vs benefit of doing your CPL(H), to convince yourself to do it, stop right now. If you compare the cost of doing your license to any skilled trade, it's just crazy expensive. Even if you compare the cost with some of the highest paid professions (lawyer, doctor, actuary, etc.), it's just depressing.


Cost of 4 years of med school in Canada: approximately $60,000.00*

Cost of helicopter flight school in Canada: approximately $65,000.00*

* not including living expenses

Expected salary for a medical resident (three to five years): 50-75k per year or ~100$/hr

Expected salary for a low-time helicopter pilot: (three to five years) minimum wage (may be adjusted for working in remote areas)

Expected salary for a general physician: average is ~200k per year in Alberta

Expected salary for an experienced helicopter pilot: anywhere from 50-120k per year depending on skills and economic factors


People who choose to fly for a living, (at least the sane ones,) don't do it to get rich. On the contrary, especially at first, you'll be dirt poor, barely making enough to pay rent and buy food.


I know I sound negative and bitter, but ask me if I'd do anything else for a living and the answer would be a resounding "NO!" :D


Of course, if I were to win the lottery... :rolleyes:

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