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Paying Off Investment

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Hahahahahaha ...... that is too effing funny!!   I never had it any better and I don't see what's changed except everyone gets internet and cell coverage everywhere.   Best effing times of my life

You never will...   If you're analyzing the cost vs benefit of doing your CPL(H), to convince yourself to do it, stop right now. If you compare the cost of doing your license to any skilled trade, i

HeliCanada...I actually am very disappointed you feel that way about the path you chose. I also have been flying close to 40 years now, and plan on continuing with much love with what I do....when as

Investment career wise is a trade. A pilots license now days is no investment it would be equal to a Nortel stock. But its your dime its the most fun you'll have spending your money. Unless you're hanging out with Jim by the sounds of it.

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What Skidz said... oversupply, imported cheap labor and the lack of united representation keep aviation at the bottom of the food chain.




Well said Whitestone and Skidz. Sure, flying is a thrill....after forty years as a Helicopter Pilot would I do it again...NO WAY!!!!

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You could move to Quebec and apply to the CEGEP and not invest a penny…..the tax-payers of CANADA will fund the whole deal all on a 206 to boot!


Good luck with that. They have about 3000 applicants each year and take in less than 30. I've heard rumours the program may change considerably in the near future. Somewhat like what Canadore did. Used to be free there as well many many moons ago...

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