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2 Hours Averaged ?

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So are you suggesting Jim, that if the conditions we are expected to live in are not right, we should dig into our pockets and subsidize the operator to make the conditions right, and then leave?




Sorry ... I'm not that stupid.


I will step up and fix a problem rather than whining about how bad it is ..... but it will still be at the companies expense in the end. If they don't want to pay ... I am done there .... but it hasn't happened yet.


I am just tired of people who whine and cry about how bad their accomodation is .... or how bad the food is ... and they expect someone in an office hundreds of miles away to have the second sense to know how BAD their dilemma is and they will drop everything and come to their rescue!


Common sense is the important thing to consider here ....... I don't expect head office to understand how everything works in the field and if they support the crew when they make their own decisions ..... then you know you work for a good company.

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Somewhere, years ago it seems, I mentioned drones. Not one person mentioned it in all that has gone by since.


You might want to go to cbc.ca today and look in the science and technology section.


You think your job is safe? Time to do something people.

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