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2 Hours Averaged ?

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There's a really good example of this in my neck of the woods where a pilot crashed into a tower and killed himself. He made a judgement error and chose to fly in low-visibility. The company that owned the tower sued his estate and whiped out his family. They took his house, his savings, everything. His employer washed his hands (after pressuring him to fly in bad weather). The insurance company refused to pay because the aircraft was flown below VFR mins and was not certified for IFR (thereby voiding the CofA, and insurance being dependant of a valid CofA...)


I believe this is the point every training pilot has been trying to drive into our heads for years now. I'm sure even a union, college association or club would have washed their hands off it too. Even a doctors will be cast to the lawyers if he broke regs

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"They are private and government operators and TC/CCG require an IFR. Not exactly viable options for the average pilot."


Why not? It doesn't take much to get the Group 4 stamp in your license.

They have hired pilots with 3500-4000 hours. I would call that average.

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Hydro in Ontario

TC/CCG although IFR is required to be hired but not used

ooops, thats 2. Both also have pensions something else you don't find too often either.

I know they're not "companies" in a sense but both have been looking for pilots recently.


And how many pilot jobs in total do these employers have ? What ratio is that with respect to the overall number of VFR positions in Canada ? 2% ? 3% maybe ? C'mon ! Let's be serious here...

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Ok lets look at this from another perspective. When the industry was booming, pre 2008, how many VFR pilots would have supported a union or association? We may be back to your same numbers of 2-3%? Not many eh. Now that the tables have turned and the signs of over saturation of both pilots and machines are becoming more obvious, how do you think those numbers have changed? It seems like its more a case of every man for himself now rather than organize a team. Now more than ever I think there will be more people out there willing to do your job for less than you feel you're worth and if they're capable and cheaper they'll have first call. Same goes for operators and tariffs. There will always be that one that undercuts everyone else. I'm not saying I agree or am happy about the situation, but hey, its a big bad world we all live in and people do what they need to do to survive.

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Than be average and stop calling yourself a professional!!!


Where do you think those guys/gals who work there came from?

You don't have a clue as to what ratings, licenses and type ratings I have Skidmark! It doesn't really matter though, unlike you, it's not all about me. A lot of aircrew would like to see improvements to the industry, unfortunately most have long left this forum. They have long given up because of attitudes like yours. Carry on...

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I find it funny that you think I want your job and YOU accepted the job so I hope you can see reality from whoever the heck your standing. If you don't like the pay then quit. I turned down 3 jobs last year because I didn't like the wage and conditions. Can you say the same??? I think not. And I go home every night to my family so I think that the accusation that in selfish is offensive and uncalled for. I'm a **** good father and husband and I've made sacrifices for them not for aviation.


No one held a gun to your head when you took the job so deal with it or pickup a welder and shut up.

Wow! You must be one of the few very skilled ones out there to be hunted by operators.

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I'm not happy about the time I flew last year but I live in a wonderful place called reality and I know that one can't squeeze blood from a stone. If you happen to have some magical way of pulling revenue time from thin air, convincing BC forestry to hire idle aircraft to sit and wait for fires when they are doing nothing anyways or perhaps you can singlehandedly turn our economy around... I'll take the illegal drug too! It sounds like a great vacation.


I think you missed the point behind my post and if I wrote it poorly that's on me. How many of you heard the saying "you have to be in the right place at the right time"? How many of you worked on the ground for 10 bucks an hour 15 years ago? That was the going rate back then. I'm not a bad person for taking the job. I needed the experience. Why am I such a bad person for keeping a job that made me sick for the first few days of every tour? The only one that suffered was the pilot with his head in the bubble that had to smell it(sorry Jimmy). Did any of you ever pull out a fuel hose too fast only to have the fuel hit the range extender and soak you? (Dumb move but I won't do that again) I did take #### jobs that paid bad but they got me in the seat. THAT WAS HOW IT WORKED!


I know I'm out of touch with the current reality because I've never received attitude before from a ground crew member, or would have even considered moaning myself, when asked to finish washing my machine because I has to go do maintenace runs at a differnt base. If I wanted something I proved that I deserved it by doing a good job. I have never had to sign a training agreement ever because my word is good enough.


Why am I a bad person for working my *** off as a low time guy? Why am I a bad person for feeling like I can now , with some hours in my loogbook, choose my family over a ****** deal? Why do I feel like I have to kiss a low time pilots *** to do easy things that I have no problem doing even now but have to delegate due to responsabilities?


I say to all who have a problem with how I got my start so listen up. I'm not sorry I did it and would do it again. If you regret choosing an industry that works like this then you should have done your research. Things were different long ago but don't think that pissing and moaning has supplemented hard work for getting things you want...not in this industry anyways. I agree this market is tight and the TFW program sucks. It has changed the market value of our skills so stand up and make a change, sit down and deal with it or leave. I'm not saying it to be a dick, those are our options. I have kids to raise and a wife I want to be with. I don't have a problem with my work conditions and my employer is fair so I'm just going to go to the hangar and love my job.





All of us paid their dues to the industry as low timers and most of us without pissing and moaning. You are confusing the topics of discussion here and are backtracking on your own statements.

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t seems like its more a case of every man for himself now rather than organize a team.


Just for once I think I will make a serious comment.


I look at the quote above and it sums up my job attitude in a bizarre way.


1) I will find my own job .... nobody holds my hand.


2) When I find that job .... I want to be part of a team!


Next all I have to do is follow the two rules of flying!


Rule # 1 - Don't crash

Rule # 2 - Make sure the customer signs the flight report.


Anyone wants to try this road to success .... I wish you the best and you can park your yacht next to mine next time we are cruising the Riviera!

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