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Try This With Westjet.....

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Perhaps it is for large fires to have a standby medevac machine? Almost all rates are in the toilet in Canada. I was overseas this winter and a B3e was going for 5000 us hour. Am not sure why one would be upset that the rates are predicated by a single customer? This exists in most work and most have no clue. Especially when the rate is comparable. I can remember being in an eastern province and the rates got lower the longer the machines sat there and work went to who bought the most rounds. Talk about ridiculous.

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Only if I the ability to implement change, which of course means dealing with a government administrations such as CTA and TC,

What should have happened back in the 80's was yes, go ahead and deregulate, but still cap the amount of licenses/OC's across Canada.

I certainly did not appreciate the monopolized industry back in the 70's ( too few players), but the flood gates opened, and almost anyone or their dog could get an OC........bang, market saturation.


Yes, some would argue before deregulation the industry was better (worse?), and some would say it's better now... Depends if your an owner/operator, pilot, engineer, or support staff...opinions vary.


But the results speak for themselves through the tariff rates.....an example is a BC operator that just flopped his 206 over on a support job on the island, was working with no minimums and an hourly rate that is embarrassing.....other operators are certainly not happy, and it's hard to compete with a fly by night low buck company.....oh, and it seems the pilot that rolled the machine lied about his hours!!!?!? Imagine that....and what training???!?!


Is their a solution...yes, will it ever happen....no. The global and domestic economy and GDP will pretty much dictate that the strong will survive....for our industry players, good business practices, progressive thinking, good equipment along with great people and safe practices will show who the real helicopter operators should be in our domestic market.....:)

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Is a lot of talk for an instructor contributing to the saturation and working for a monopoly eh?


In 79 the year before I trained at Buffalo Airways, they had 13 helicopters. In 1981 Oky lowballed the bid for IPL and Buffalo lost the work and that combined with crappola economy and they shut down helicopter operations in 85. Regulation did not help anything on long term contracts. I seem to remember a lot of bad feelings between operators then too.

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