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Canadian Helicopter Pilots Association

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Just to add to the subject of starting an association:


- If some of you are serious about this, somebody raise their hand and offer to facilitate getting a group together.

- I don't have the time to be directly involved, and having been burnt before... But if you have questions I'll be happy to pass on what knowledge I do have (some stuff that I'd rather not say publicly on these forums).

- starting another set of forums will only disperse the message. These forums are where Canadian helicopter pilots hang out for the most part. I have a couple ideas on what you could do. I'll share that info with whoever decides to take point.

- I have nothing personal against Fred Lewis. However, his points of view in the past have been very much pro-union, and for that reason I highly doubt that very many users here would get involved in any of the organizations he has promoted in the past or is promoting now (College of Professional Pilots and cahepias). In fact, if you go to the main site (http://cahepias.ca), you'll see the first subject is about companies that have collective agreements (ie unions).

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Also, is this for all professional helicopter pilots, ie people who make a living flying helicopters, or for all licensed helicopter pilots. This makes a very big difference.


I cannot join for I am fixed wing only but Is Fred Lewis's forum done openly with real names ? This is also important. Aliases should not be used for this purpose.

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Continues too prove that helicopter flight crews in Canada will never get much (or any), representation or recognition as a professional group....with future changes being implemented in our industry, we belittle ourselves with no input or lobbying ability....!!?!?!!!

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