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Creating A Professional Association For Canadian Helicopter Pilots

Creating a professional association to represent canadian helicopter pilots  

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OK, my votes are there, but like all these 'polls' the questions are biased.


I do NOT think these umbrella organizations are a good thing. Helicopters are used in a huge range of industries and operations. Any 'one size fits all' solution is doomed to failure and the attempts to create a complex system will collapse under the competing egos, personalities and complexities.


So A. I do not feel I need or want representation like this, but B. if it is forced upon me I will get involved because the risk to my livelihood by not getting involved is too high.


The 'agenda' touted often on Vertical has been made clear: to negotiate (impose on me) the terms of my employment. Go away. I do that myself now. Wrap it up in all the talk of benefits, etc you want but like has happened in the past I expect the ultimate agenda will shine through. I hope I am proven wrong! As long as the 'association' remains just that, a non-profit source for information and general assistance, then I will be all in.

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Not dead....just no leadership at this time to take the bull by the horns. As flight crews are spread out over such a vast country, it is difficult ( not impossible) to get a start where the directors would be acceptable to membership. It seems as though everyone is waiting.....???!?!


It will require to get the non-profit association registered as such, and a foundation of a few people to bet the ball rolling. Perhaps nominations...problem is, most want autonomy .


For anyone, feel free to throw your name in to help this get started.



Bob Kellie

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Well Bob, it would seem that what happens here on vertical is perhaps not conducive to what an employee association requires. I foresee a sight which the forum posters are to use real names UNLESS they feel allowing their identity to be known puts their job at risk. Whistle blowers have to be protected but they have to be legit. Drama queens and those who cry wolf need not apply. I recommend finding or having a site built where this sense of security is cared for to the extent of the law by the website owners. By signing up here it is fair game as to what happens with your identity.


Paul Kendall

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I think a site which allows two type of posters to use whereas one type of poster must not only provide actual names but proof of identity. Full transparency. The other type of poster who is only allowed to post as whistleblower, this person is completely anonymous and the website owner will not know this posters name and can only release ip address to authorities by use of a warrant. But two strike tolerance for slander or fraudulent activity, in other words one warning. But slander is not slander if provable. Also, calling someone a thief is slander unless provable. Calling them an arsehole is just your opinion.


Just some thoughts.

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Here we go again. I was one of the guys who paid for membership in HEPAC. I sold the idea to other fellow pilots. Here is where I think things went side ways.


1. To many promises.

2. Unrealistic goals out of the gate.

3. An association is not a union.


There are more I am sure. I am interested in starting a association but if we were to try again let's lay it out. As an association we (I speak of the group) would not be involved in wage negotiations with employers. You guys cut your own **** deals live with them don't complain when someone else gets a better deal. The way I see a group association would help with is insurance policies. I pay over $400.00 per month for life insurance. As a group you can negotiate better rates. Group associations can negotiate discounts with hotels ,Airlines car dealers for discounts that can save thousands of dollars personally.


As for education or mentoring programs which I think if the industry doesn't get going on we will have very few Canadian kids working their way in. This is something I take pride in and wish I could help more you pilots. I personally helped 3 young pilots with their first break in the helicopter industry. This takes time and cannot be the first issue dealt with. It will take time.


As a association the group could voice a opinion with the federal government. As we saw a couple years ago we have no voice standing alone but as a group they will listen.


I could go on for ever but I stop here.




Steve Schulte.


We were born with two ears and one mouth. Listen more and lead the pack.

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