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Creating A Professional Association For Canadian Helicopter Pilots

Creating a professional association to represent canadian helicopter pilots  

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for any change to happen in our industry pilots and engineers need to band together, we have differnt roles yes, however we are alwasy side by side dealing with the same bullshit and conditions.


Sorry, but I disagree. A professional association deals with concerns related to a specific profession. If you start grouping more than one profession as a group in order to deal with "bullshit and conditions", you start o look a lot more like a (wannabee) union and will be perceived as such. I've looked, and I haven't found a single example anywhere in Canada where a non-union professional association represents the interests of more than one profession. If you can find one that we can compare to, please let me know...


It won't work. Period. HEPAC made that mistake and barely got off the ground.


I know the group that is currently trying to revive an association have collectively decided to include AME`s, and I've since completely tuned out of the debate as I truly believe that effort is doomed from the outset.

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