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Lawyering Up

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Sorry about starting something new here but was unable to comment on Forum Code of Conduct.


I understand why you would not be able tell us who the lawyers represent that are asking for names, but could you tell us what posts were complained about? Or even threads. Anything to let all of us know what the problem is, or is it merely intimidation?


Or do we all just sit back and wonder which of us is going to be the recipient of a lawsuit.

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Why on earth would you be concerned with a reminder regarding forum conduct that was issued over two years ago, obviously in response to anonymous forum members publicly slandering/defaming an individual and/or company? The sticky clearly re-states the terms and conditions of using the forums so providing one abides by the rules, one should have no fear of being "exposed" or otherwise punished.


Even if you know for a "fact" that an individual or company is a jerk, fraud or otherwise nasty, thankfully we have laws in place to prevent wrongful defamation of character by vigilantes with an axe to grind.


If you feel a strong need to expose an individual and/or company as a jerk, fraud or otherwise nasty you can always walk the fine line of hinting and suggesting without being specific. Done properly this may keep you out of trouble.


Having been several times publicly attacked by anonymous users with malicious intent on another forum I frequent, and where I post using my real name it is nice to know there are protections in place, and legal ramifications for offenders. Being "anonymous" on a public forum doesn't relieve individuals and corporate entities from ethical and moral good conduct towards others.


Surely this would be common sense, and good "airmanship" to understand, and not to be mistaken for some kind of evil conspiracy?



tin lizzie

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You are absolutely right tin lizzie. My mind was somewhere else and I didn't even read the date. The next thing you know, my fingers are going a mile a minute and my brain is going........well........not quite as fast. So I apologize - again. Seems to be the story of my life lately.

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Read the terms and conditions of registration on these forums. Here's a quote:


The owners of the Verticalmag.com also reserve the right to reveal your identity (or whatever information we know about you) in the event of a complaint or legal action arising from any message posted by you.



At the bottom right of each and every page of these forums there are links to the forum rules and to its privacy policy. The supreme court's ruling concerns police requests for information. Not the same deal...

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