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Phoenix Heli-Flight Pilot Ad

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A little off topic but if operators/customers keep "requiring" a crazy amount of hours on type, total time ect...... they will all have to be foreign because every pilot in Canada or anywhere for that mater will be either retired, passed on from old age or unable to get a medical probably because of old age!! And there will be a dory load of people with licences more than capable of doing the jobs but can't because he or she does not have a million hours. Sorry just my little rant for the night.

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Air Transat always posts that they require 4000TT for new FOs. But often we hire below that because we are unable to find candidates with that amount of time and because some pilots with less than 4000 TT have quality time, sometimes even on 705 Operations such as Jazz.


If they had used that as a sorry excuse for hiring TFWs, about a third of our 450 pilots, if not more, would be foreigners.

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